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Standardsville, VA

On this day, I took a road trip somewhere I’ve never been. South on Rt 28 out of Manassas, South, South, still and still South, until I reached a sign that said West to Standardsville. I’d never heard of it before, but I played with the idea that it was where standards were set, so I took the turn, and 20 minutes later I was sitting in crips 49 degree windy, sunny, mid-morning Standardsville, VA, making a sketch of a small field in a mustard yellow Moleskine Notecard.

Then I thought: Who am I going to mail this to? Who will expect it the least? I found Annie on Send Something with the search term “travel,” and then we were, for a few moments, together in a place we’d never been.

If standards are set there, they’re brick, green, tired, and friendly.

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